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TECH WEEK: Why Better Mapping is Critical to Getting Broadband Access to More People
By Jessica Denson
Connected Nation Testifies on Capitol Hill For nearly two decades, Connected Nation has worked to bring internet access to families and businesses in both rural and urban settings, and, as a result, was recently asked to testify before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. That’s because the focus of the hearing was on “Defining and Mapping Broadband Coverage in America.” “We’ve got to have accurate maps,” Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) said during the June 21 hearing. “I have professors outside of Virginia Tech who don’t have service at all. I have huge sections geographically that the FCC thinks it’s serving but that service is not there. We’re not going to lay wire to every nook and cranny, but we’ve got to get them service. To solve these problems, we’ve got to first get the mapping done.” “Reliable broadband mapping is a matter of critical importance to residents, businesses, and...
TECH WEEK: Businesses, Families, Schools to Benefit Technology Action Plan
By Jessica Denson
From employers who want more tech-savvy workers to students who need online access to complete their homework, Wyandot County is a community in need of better broadband (high-speed internet) access. Connected Nation (CN), through its Connected Community Engagement Program (Connectedsm), and in partnership with local groups, has come up with a set of solutions that can help bring that access to more families and businesses. “Our world depends on technology, and agricultural, and rural communities are no less important. They depend on reliable data transmission, and I believe the Wyandot County has taken a step forward in identifying and assessing our needs for the future,” Kathy Grasz, CEO and President of the Wyandot Chamber of Commerce, said. The community-specific Technology Action Plan (TAP) was developed following a countywide study that looked at access, adoption, and use of the internet. Area businesses, residents, schools, libraries, and other stakeholders were...
Connected Nation Provides Food for Families in Kentucky County
By Maddie Garnett
On June 14, Chip Spann delivered 700 pounds of produce to a local food bank in Rowan County, Kentucky. Spann is the Director of Engineering and Technical Services for Connected Nation and also serves as the head of Connected Nation’s Corporate Responsibility Task Force (CRTF). The 700 pounds delivered to God’s Pantry included zucchini and squash from Amish farms that are part of Fleming County Organics, LLC. This was the first of many deliveries that the CRTF is planning to participate in during 2017. The Connected Nation CRTF works to go beyond the reach of our grants and projects to serve communities with needs other than broadband (high-speed internet) services. The CRTF is a way to engage employees in various volunteer and service opportunities. Within the last year, the CRTF has collected for and contributed to multiple food drives and has participated in service projects with The Salvation Army and United Way. This is just one of the ways Connected Nation is...
TECH WEEK: One Digital Works' Graduate's Concerns for Small Town, Rural America
By Connected Nation
From living in a small, rural town, Gallipolis, Ohio, Penny Rowland (pictured right) has experienced a complete life enhancement since her Digital Works training. Rowland graduated from Digital Works three years ago and has worked from home since March 2014 with LiveOps and Amtrust. “Digital Works has opened a new world for me. Before Digital Works I didn’t really know anybody that worked from home or what opportunities there were. Now working at home I’ve found a whole world that I didn’t even know existed,” Rowland said. Gallipolis has limited well-paying job opportunities, but thanks to Digital Works, Rowland doesn’t have to drive an hour or more just to get to work. “Working from home saves me the commuting time and has completely changed the way that I look at working,” Rowland said. “Digital Works has the ability to change entire communities because it opens the door for people in a small town to find real work with a...