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Internet 101 Series: Defining Broadband
By Connected Nation
The following is part of our "Internet 101 Series" meant to explain the basics (jargon) that everyone should understand when it comes to broadband (high-speed internet) expansion.  Broadband can be used to categorize a range of data transmissions, though it is most often used today to describe high-speed internet. In America, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) updated its definition of “broadband internet” in 2015. However, many consumers have some misconceptions about what broadband actually is and what it does. All Internet service is broadband service—False Broadband internet is distinctly different than dial-up internet, which was commonly used in the 1990s and still used in some rural areas. Dial-up is the only non-broadband internet connection people can get today. Broadband can be accessed through a telephone line but it does not interrupt service and, as long as it’s working, you should be constantly connected to the internet....
Live Radio with Call-Ins: Underserved Rural Americans
By Rachel O'Morrow
On Thursday June 22, Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson arrived through the back doors of Idea Stream, WCPN’s NPR news station for The Sound of Ideas public affairs show. Johnson was escorted back to the green room to wait until the show was ready to air. He pulled out his notes, charts, and graphs to prepare for the live show and be ready to answer listener call-in questions. Once in the studio the host adjusted his microphone and headset, and then the show went live. Johnson began to discuss the importance of accurate data for rural broadband expansion and overall online equality for rural residents.He explained the small gaps of land that don’t receive internet coverage and that these areas can be overlooked. “We’re starting to eliminate the areas with no access, but the question now is, what is adequate access?” said Johnson. “A lot of our rural areas have a huge demand for broadband . . . we need to make sure that we precisely target our budget...
Connected Nation Staff Puts Data to Work at GIS Conference
By Connected Nation
This week, staff from Connected Nation’s (CN) GIS Services department attended the Esri User Conference in San Diego, CA. Esri is the market leader in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software. The event brought together 18,000 people during the week of July 10 to learn, connect, innovate, and find solutions for the industry-specific challenges that we face. (Ashley Hitt, Director of GIS, and Brian Dudek, Senior GIS Analyst, are pictured left)  This year’s conference theme was The Science of Where which tied directly into the work CN does to increase broadband access, adoption, and use. We believe that location intelligence and data quality are essential in making more informed decisions. Connected Nation uses GIS to enable more efficient broadband data processing, aggregation, and analysis creating data visualization solutions that empower a variety of stakeholders with their broadband needs. We work with states and local communities on broadband planning...
Nearly 200 Jobs and 3 Years Later: Gallipolis, Ohio Digital Works Facility Closes
By Jessica Denson
Digital Works (DW) is closing its Gallipolis facility after more than three years of work with the local community. The Connected Nation (CN) program, which continues to operate in six states nationwide, provides training in digital literacy, customer service, and computer skills, as well as job placement assistance to both rural and urban communities. When the program officially wraps its work at the Gallipolis location on July 14, it will have served nearly 200 program participants creating 176 southern Ohio-area jobs making it the most successful location to date. “We live in a small, rural town that’s far from any industrial area. The main job opportunities have been coal mining, but in the last ten years the coal mines have closed. We’ve had kind of an economic collapse,” Penny Rowland (pictured left), who graduated from DW in April of 2014 and now works at LiveOps and Amtrust, said. “Digital Works has helped our community develop an industry without...