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President’s Executive Order Focuses on Connecting Rural America
By Connected Nation
The White House brought rural America to the forefront of the policy stage this week with a newly signed Executive Order entitled, “Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America.” With a focus on technology, economic opportunities, and easing regulations that harm rural areas, the Executive Order discusses many of the issues Connected Nation has been committed to fighting in rural communities across the country for years. The order establishes an Interagency Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity, led by newly appointed Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue—a former two-term Republican Governor from Georgia—and also includes well-informed members such as the Chairman of the FCC. The Task Force will spend 180 days studying issues in rural America and develop recommendations for legislative and regulatory remedies “to promote in rural America agriculture, economic development, job growth, infrastructure improvements, technological...
Key Broadband Topics: The White House and Congress
By Connected Nation
In a previous Policy Brief by Connected Nation, the FCC’s actions around six key broadband topics of particular importance to CN’s communities and stakeholders were discussed. This Policy Brief serves as a follow-up to that assessment by analyzing those same six topics—Lifeline, E-rate, net neutrality, Connect America Fund (CAF), the Mobility Fund, and infrastructure spending—and giving an overview of White House and Congressional activity to date. Lastly, the brief also looks at the new appointment of FCC Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee members. Because of the constantly changing nature of these topics, please note that this information is current as of April 13, 2017.    
It’s Infrastructure Month at the FCC
By Jessica Denson
Be sure to get your hashtag ready so you can be part of the conversation. #InfrastructureMonthFCC But why does the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) even care about America’s infrastructure? It’s typically a topic most of us would relate to another federal agency, the Department of Transportation, which monitors our nation’s bridges and roads. But, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai explained why it does indeed matter to an agency charged with overseeing our state, federal, and international communications. “What paves the way in the 21st century is high-speed Internet access, or broadband. That's certainly what we believe here at the FCC. And that's why our goal is to make sure that every American can get faster, cheaper, and better broadband,” Chairman Pai wrote in a recent blog post. “Next-generation networks are hard to build. It takes a lot of money and effort to lay fiber, install wireless infrastructure, build satellite earth stations,...
Former Connected Nation Leader Named to National Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee
By Jessica Denson
Connected Nation wants to congratulate Brian Mefford, Chief Executive Officer of CNX, on his recent appointment to the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee. “As a founder and former leader of Connected Nation, we know Brian has a passion for broadband and a desire to extend access to all Americans,” Tom Ferree, CEO of Connected Nation, said. “We look forward to seeing how Brian’s expertise will help shape the discussion surrounding deployment of broadband to more people.” “Our mission and hard work to not only extend access but to also break down barriers for adoption and use among families, businesses, the agricultural community, and many others will only grow as Connected Nation closely follows the committee’s work.” Read more on how FCC Chairman Ajit Pai plans to utilize the advisory committee’s skills to improve access across the United States.