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The Power of Great Vision: 10 Years of the iPhone
By Jessica Denson
Today, the world is marking the 10-year anniversary of the introduction of the iPhone. Connected Nation recognizes this as a day that demonstrates the importance of technology and how it can improve the quality of life for all people.  We believe everyone belongs in a Connected Nation, and we're working toward the goal of bringing internet access to all people. We’re backed by a Board of Directors that has wide-reaching expertise in the tech industry, including Jay Elliot who worked as Senior Vice President for Apple alongside his friend, Steve Jobs. “What the 10th anniversary means to me is the power of great vision,” Elliot said (pictured left). “Steve’s vision was ‘to bring great digital technology to humanity and change the world.’” During his time at Apple, Elliot was responsible for all corporate operations plus overall corporate business planning, reporting directly to Jobs. He spoke to Apple’s co-founder not long...
TECH WEEK: Why Broadband is a Hot Topic Right Now
By Jessica Denson
Ask most people about their broadband and you’ll likely get blank stares or questions along the lines of “what do you mean by ‘broadband?’’’ But ask people if their internet connection is good and you will likely get a wide range of comments—from basic complaints and compliments to some choice words about not having access at all. That, in a nutshell, is one reason broadband is hot right now. Broadband, at its most basic definition, is high-speed internet. There are different ways to deliver it but there’s only one thing that matters in our modern world—that you have some sort of access to it. It means access to jobs, education, healthcare, and connections with each other. It’s why our nonprofit believes that “everyone belongs in a Connected Nation.” Those who are left out are left out of opportunities to not just improve their daily lives but to thrive in the modern world. And Lawmakers are Paying Attention...
TECH WEEK: Why Better Mapping is Critical to Getting Broadband Access to More People
By Jessica Denson
Connected Nation Testifies on Capitol Hill For nearly two decades, Connected Nation has worked to bring internet access to families and businesses in both rural and urban settings, and, as a result, was recently asked to testify before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. That’s because the focus of the hearing was on “Defining and Mapping Broadband Coverage in America.” “We’ve got to have accurate maps,” Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) said during the June 21 hearing. “I have professors outside of Virginia Tech who don’t have service at all. I have huge sections geographically that the FCC thinks it’s serving but that service is not there. We’re not going to lay wire to every nook and cranny, but we’ve got to get them service. To solve these problems, we’ve got to first get the mapping done.” “Reliable broadband mapping is a matter of critical importance to residents, businesses, and...
TECH WEEK: Businesses, Families, Schools to Benefit Technology Action Plan
By Jessica Denson
From employers who want more tech-savvy workers to students who need online access to complete their homework, Wyandot County is a community in need of better broadband (high-speed internet) access. Connected Nation (CN), through its Connected Community Engagement Program (Connectedsm), and in partnership with local groups, has come up with a set of solutions that can help bring that access to more families and businesses. “Our world depends on technology, and agricultural, and rural communities are no less important. They depend on reliable data transmission, and I believe the Wyandot County has taken a step forward in identifying and assessing our needs for the future,” Kathy Grasz, CEO and President of the Wyandot Chamber of Commerce, said. The community-specific Technology Action Plan (TAP) was developed following a countywide study that looked at access, adoption, and use of the internet. Area businesses, residents, schools, libraries, and other stakeholders were...