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Day of Caring: Connected Nation Gives Back
By Jessica Denson
About a dozen Connected Nation staff members gathered at a gardening site near the Western Kentucky University Campus to take part in United Way’s July 26 Day of Caring. That site has a unique mission to provide continuing education opportunities for adults with special needs. Among the ripening tomatoes and blooming flowers, you’ll often find Carol and Bill Greer, the founders Top Crops. They both are dedicated to their mission to young adults who face unique obstacles to fulfilling their potential. “Most high school students or young adults have options, a way forward in the job market,” Bill Greer said. “But for those with intellectual and physical challenges there is often no path forward. We work to help them learn everything from growing their own food to handling money and interacting with customers during the farmers market.” Located along Nashville Road in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the garden sits on one-third of an acre of the WKU Farm and...
Digital Works in Newaygo: Why these programs need more internet access
By Rachel O'Morrow
Connecting rural communities to high-speed internet with reasonable costs is important—especially in areas such as Newaygo, Michigan, where the most recent Digital Works site launched. Digital Works Vice President, Stu Johnson, talked with Foster Braun and his team on the podcast, Internet Advisor. They discussed why rural areas and digital programs need high-speed internet connectivity and how missions such as Microsoft’s Rural Broadband Initiative can help. “Until we get more and more robust broadband, it’s going to be a challenge to provide people with the maximum opportunity of companies to work from home for,” said Johnson on Internet Advisor. Luckily, the Newaygo Digital Works center has a fiber connection, but until there is coverage for all people in such a rural town these people will be on the wrong side of the Digital Divide. Microsoft wants to promote high-speed internet to areas like Newaygo. To make a significant impact in...
INTERNET 101 SERIES: The 4 Types of Fixed Broadband -Which Do You Have?
By Connected Nation
The following is part of our "Internet 101 Series" meant to explain the basics (jargon) that everyone should understand when it comes to broadband (high-speed internet) expansion.  There are thousands of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throughout the U.S. offering fixed (to the home or business, not a smartphone) broadband. There are several types of fixed broadband service including digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, fiber, and fixed wireless. These installations bring users to the same places online, but the technology differences can impact the speed or quality of your browsing experience. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) DSL works through the same lines that connect landline phones but it operates differently and does not need to take over the entire line. That’s why you can use your phone line even if you or someone else is on the internet. Since it travels over copper wires, DSL is more susceptible to signal loss over long distances, though new technology...
VIDEO: Connected Nation’s Largest Community Initiative for Broadband
By Rachel O'Morrow
The first-ever Connectedsm community engagement in the state of Pennsylvania launched June 5. Connected Nation has teamed up with The Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission with plans to improve the area’s broadband environment, through Connected Nation’s Connected Community Engagement Program. This particular project includes eight counties and is the largest Connected Nation community involvement. Connected Nation’s Community Technology Advisor for the project, Dan Manning, and Jill Foys, Executive Director of the Northwest Pennsylvania Commission, were interviewed on the topic of the region’s broadband expansion for a local news segment called The Morning Drill. Manning joined via Skype, in part to demonstrate the value of being connected through broadband. Deb Eckelberger from Titusville Community Development Agencies was also in the studio. In northwestern Pennsylvania surveys are being filled out by residents, businesses...