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Nearly 22 Million People Weigh-in on Net Neutrality
By Jessica Denson
Time is up. The comment period for consumers, politicians, businesses, constituents, and anyone else with an opinion about changing the Net Neutrality rules is over. It officially wrapped up Wednesday, August 30. The rules, put in place in 2015 by the Obama-era Federal Communications Commission (FCC), are meant to prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from adjusting the speeds of some companies, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, by charging more for access to their content or slowing their speeds down. In essence, the Title II rules, as they’re called, were meant to keep internet speeds open and “neutral” and not allow internet providers to dictate access or charge more to have the same access as other groups. But, the new Chair of the FCC, Ajit Pai, believes the Title II rules are unnecessary and impede businesses. The Chairman made his case for ending Net Neutrality to NPR in July of this year saying the government should instead focus on “correcting...
Rural Broadband Month: Why It’s Your Problem, Too
By Jessica Denson
The Federal Communications Commission named August Rural Broadband Month. So what, right? You’ve got access to the internet and it’s maybe not perfect, but you’ve got a pretty good speed. Plus, having broadband (high-speed internet) is not really a right, so why be concerned? There are lots of reasons having broadband in rural areas, and underserved urban areas, is your problem, too. Our staff wrote a series of blogs for Rural Broadband Month explaining why everyone belongs in a Connected Nation. First, it’s about education. Ask yourself if you want the next generation of youth to be left out of educational opportunities that are rapidly moving from the classroom to an online environment. Those kids will grow up to be adults and when you’re retiring, they’ll be running for office, establishing businesses you’ll need, and filling healthcare jobs. It’s better for us all if they have access to the same education as others around the world....
Rural Broadband Month: Why Taking A Break Matters Too
By Connected Nation
Lisa McCuiston previously worked as the Project Coordinator for Connect Ohio, a subsidiary of Connected Nation. She provided administrative project oversight for assigned projects which included managing workflows and timelines, verifying work quality, gathering documentation in support of projects, preparing reports, and coordinating internal and external events and meetings. Lisa wrote the following guest blog for Rural Broadband Month as a reminder that taking time off from technology is as important as having access to it. I would love to take a walk back in time when I never knew I always needed you—the internet and all of the connections to the wide world that you come with. Those were the days of walking down the path to the garden and actually smelling real flowers, instead of seeing them on my screensaver, and taking an actual ride on the tractor, instead of watching a YouTube video of someone else riding, and actually baking homemade cookies, instead of watching video...
Open for Business: Digital Works’ Partner Receives $750K Donation
By Jessica Denson
The Reeb Avenue Center was established to fulfill a noble and sometimes challenging goal: to transform lives through education, job training, and job growth. And, in late August, the center got some much-needed help to achieve that goal. The American Electric Power Foundation (AEP) contributed an additional $750,000 to the Reeb Avenue Center for a total of $900,000 in donations. The AEP Foundation was created in 2005 to “support and play an active, positive role in the communities where we live and work.” (The official donation ceremony is pictured left.)  It’s an important donation to a group that’s making a difference for vulnerable populations in Columbus, Ohio. The Reeb Avenue Center provides multiple resources under one roof for families and individuals. These include resources for community health, early childcare and education, and adult education and workforce development, including a facility for Connected Nation’s Digital Works program....