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A Technology Action Plan for South Carolina’s Promise Zone
By Jessica Denson
The Lowcountry Promise Zone Broadband Team has plotted a path that can bring high-speed internet access, adoption, and use to more families, businesses, and communities in the six-county region.  “This team spent months completing a comprehensive community assessment to identify ways to improve access to broadband and other technologies,” said Jim Stritzinger, Director of Connect South Carolina, a local subsidiary of Connected Nation (pictured right with FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn). “The Technology Action Plan we developed from that work is a blueprint for how to improve the quality of life for all and how to restart the economic engine of the Promise Zone.” “With an estimated poverty rate of about 28%, and an unemployment rate of just under 15%, there is no question that the Lowcountry Promise Zone deserves sustained, visionary, and focused leadership,” said Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, Federal Communications Commission, who attended a...
Are You Tough Enough to Weather the Storm?
By Jessica Denson
Nonprofit work can be tough. From finding funding to making sure the world understands why your mission matters—it can mean long hours, getting told ‘no’ a lot, and making tough decisions. But, recently, Connected Nation’s staff got a reminder of why toughing it out is worth it from Tori Murden McClure—arguably one of the toughest people in the world. “It’s nice to be in front of a group of people who are working hard trying to change things and make people’s lives better,” said McClure (pictured right), who spoke to CN’s staff and Board of Directors in November. She understands what it takes to achieve difficult goals. McClure was the first woman and first American to ski to the geographic South Pole, and she was the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean, but only after failing in her first attempt. “I was working for Muhammad Ali and he told me ‘you don’t want to go through life being the one who...
November 15: GIS Day 2017
By Connected Nation
Today we recognize GIS Day, established in 1999 to show how geographic intelligence touches everyone. It is now a global event that demonstrates how far geographic information systems (GIS) extend into people’s lives and provides a forum for users to showcase their unique accomplishments using GIS. Connected Nation uses GIS to better understand the current broadband landscape, analyze service availability and potential expansion impacts, collect local feedback on coverage gaps, and evaluate network engineering data collections. Our mission is to ensure that everyone belongs in a Connected Nation. “GIS is an essential part of our daily operations as we work to close the Digital Divide,” said Ashley Hitt, Director of GIS Services. “The analyses we can do to show where people are unserved and underserved using several speed and demographic variables just scratch the surface of how we use GIS. GIS allows us to collect and analyze the type of location intelligence...