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VIDEO: Rural Broadband Month - Digital Works Connects People to Leading Edge Customer Support and IT Jobs
By Connected Nation
As part of Rural Broadband Month, RFD-TV, a broadcast group that focuses on rural affairs issues across the country, asked Connected Nation’s Vice President of Digital Works, Stu Johnson, to speak about bringing technology-based jobs to local communities and adding broadband planning services to these areas. In some areas, “. . . there’s not a whole lot of opportunity out there, and economic development has stalled so new businesses from outside the areas aren’t moving in. Digital Works is a way you can bring Fortune 1000 companies to your area through the internet,” said Stu Johnson. “The majority of work that’s been created in the last 10 years has been non-traditional . . . It’s all made possible by broadband. Digital Works can provide coverage in a center or the tools needed for someone to earn a livelihood over internet from home.” During the interview, Johnson also explains Digital Works’ involvement with companies...
Rural Broadband Month: Slower Speeds Within the Digital Divide
By Connected Nation
It is Rural Broadband Month at the FCC. At Connected Nation, we are daily reminded of the importance of increasing the access, adoption and use of broadband. Our awareness of rural communities’ challenge with broadband is up close. We are in these communities measuring, planning, and partnering. Cities and suburbs have broadband challenges, too. Regardless, the challenge for rural residents can be pronounced.  Here’s a simple case study in just how pronounced the challenge can be: The following quote is from a Chicago Tribune article, published on August 4, 2016, about broadband speeds in Chicago lagging behind other cities. The typical broadband consumer in the U.S. saw average download speeds greater than 50 Mbps for the "first time ever" during the first six months of this year, Ookla said. Cities across the country are routinely enjoying connections of 100+ Mbps now. The article references a comment from Ookla, a company known to track internet speeds....
Rural Broadband Month: How Connected Nation is Empowering Education
By Connected Nation
Robust broadband access is an essential component for quality learning in the classroom. All across America’s rural school districts, students risk landing on the wrong side of the digital divide as ubiquitous coverage is still only a pipe dream. In fact, 11.6 million students still lack broadband for digital learning while over 19,000 schools do not meet national minimum bandwidth goals, according to EducationSuperHighway. For rural students, living without access to broadband means living without crucial resources for homework, college and job applications,  research, and more. In addition, teachers are severely hindered in the educational tools they are able to utilize due to a deficit in adequate  connections. Recognizing this problem, Connected Nation (CN) has spent countless hours on the ground understanding the needs of students, teachers,  and administrators to help bring quality broadband solutions to America’s rural schools. One such solution...
Rural Broadband Month: Iowa’s Governor Working to Connect More Families, Businesses, Farmers
By Jessica Denson
As part of Rural Broadband Month, RFD-TV, a broadcast group that focuses on rural affairs issues across the country, is focusing on the challenges and solutions to bringing broadband (high-speed internet) to more families, businesses, and farms across the U.S. These interviews are taking place throughout August, and on Wednesday, August 9, RFD-TV talked with Governor Kim Reynolds (pictured left), who has led efforts to connect more families in Iowa as both the Lt. Governor and now Governor of the state. I think Iowa recognizes the importance of driving toward a more connected state. We’ve prioritized technology deployment,” Governor Reynolds said. “We now have 30 Iowa communities that are utilizing Connected Nation’s Connected Community Engagement Program, and really what that does is it helps them [community leaders] identify the challenges and solutions. Your previous caller talked about partnerships that really drive opportunity for a community to work...