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Welcome to the Connected Nation School Application Portal
in support of AT&T's Commitment to the ConnectED Initiative
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The general application deadline has now passed and applications are no longer being accepted.
Thank you for your interest in applying to receive free off-campus mobile connectivity and related services for your students as part of AT&T's $100 million ConnectED Initiative pledge. For more information on AT&T’s commitment, please click here. Connected Nation is an independent third party that will administer the application process and select schools to participate in the program.
SPECIAL NOTICE for Apple ConnectED Awardee Schools: Schools that have been selected by Apple, Inc. to receive one of its ConnectED grant awards should click here to review special program guidelines.
General Applicant Qualifications and Restrictions:
  • Applications may be submitted for Middle Schools and High Schools only.  Elementary schools are eligible only if they have been named as an Apple, Inc. ConnectED awardee.
  • The target size for each award under this program should serve a combined total of 2,000 to 4,000 students, teachers, and administrators per district (or administrative equivalent). Applications should not be submitted for significantly larger or smaller contributions
  • Contributions may be split among multiple schools within a single district (or administrative equivalent) as long as:
    1) the upper threshold for the total number of students to be served is not exceeded
    2) all students within each applicant school are eligible to receive service (i.e., partial school deployments serving a single grade level or group within a school will not be considered)
  • Consortium applications (i.e., multiple school districts represented on a single application) will not be accepted. However, smaller school districts that are located in roughly the same geographic area that wish to collaborate with one another to reach the target award size may do so by submitting their own individual applications and indicating a desire to collaborate in their responses to the first narrative question on the application
  • An applicant school must either be eligible to receive Title I funding or be one in which more than 50% of enrolled students are eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program
  • All applicant schools must have the equivalent of at least 1 dedicated IT support professional on staff to support the needs of the project
  • All applicant schools must be physically located within AT&T's 4G or 4G LTE coverage areas. Click here to view a map of AT&T's network footprint and search using the school's ZIP code
  • Applicant schools must be willing to verify that all teachers have completed any training that may be required


TO APPLY: Eligible schools and school districts must complete and submit an application via this web site. Applications will be reviewed and considered by Connected Nation, entirely independent of any current, past, or future E-rate or school technology procurement processes. For prepartion purposes only, a full list of application questions can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

Applicants will be given an option to save their progress and return to the application at a later date and time by entering their e-mail address in the designated field at the top of each application page. A unique application link will then be generated by the system and e-mailed to the address provided.

Awardees will be selected during three phases:

  • Phase I:  Summer 2014 (NOW CLOSED)
  • Phase II:  Fall 2014 (NOW CLOSED)
  • Phase III:  Spring 2015 (NOW CLOSED)

Please check this site frequently for future program updates.

If you have any questions or experience difficulties in the submission of your application, please contact us at

NOTE:  If your school has been named as an Apple, Inc. ConnectED awardee and you would like to apply for an AT&T ConnectED award under this program, click here to review special program guidelines.


IMPORTANT NOTICE/DISCLAIMER: Connected Nation, Inc. (CN) has been selected as an independent third party non-profit organization to assist AT&T in fulfilling its commitment under the ConnectED Initiative and will make the sole and final determination as to which schools, if any, receive a contribution under AT&T’s ConnectED Initiative commitment. The submission of an application is part of a competitive process that in no way guarantees the award of any contribution to the applicant school. CN is not an agent of AT&T and its commitment as part of the ConnectED Initiative is entirely independent of any past, current, or future E-rate procurement process.