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Connected Nation has been committed to provide extensive broadband planning services for communities and states for more than ten years. These services ranging from comprehensive broadband mapping to public policy language. Connected Nation has a number of services to serve communities and its citizens.


DIGITAL LITERACY. Connected Nation promotes digital literacy by joining together public and private partners in programs that help vulnerable populations overcome top barriers to technology adoption - broadband awareness, technology training, computer ownership, and subscription affordability. 

RESEARCH & ANALYSIS. The broadband deployment and adoption patterns of households, businesses, and community anchor institutions vary substantially.  As a result, overcoming the nation’s challenges in increasing broadband availability and utilization will require detailed and granular data collection and analysis, of both supply and demand conditions. 

POLICY CONSULTATION. Connected Nation works and supports the broadband planning activities in state and communities by providing extensive broadband policy consultation.

MAPPING. Connected Nation is focused on closing the digital divide by working with broadband provider, communities, and states to realize the great economic and social advantages that occur when broadband access is accelerated in unserved and underserved areas and broadband adoption and use are increased in all areas – rural and urban alike.