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TECH WEEK: Why Broadband is a Hot Topic Right Now
By Jessica Denson

Ask most people about their broadband and you’ll likely get blank stares or questions along the lines of “what do you mean by ‘broadband?’’’ But ask people if their internet connection is good and you will likely get a wide range of comments—from basic complaints and compliments to some choice words about not having access at all.

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TECH WEEK: Businesses, Families, Schools to Benefit Technology Action Plan
By Jessica Denson

From employers who want more tech-savvy workers to students who need online access to complete their homework, Wyandot County is a community in need of better broadband (high-speed internet) access. Connected Nation (CN), through its Connected Community Engagement Program (Connectedsm), and in partnership with local groups, has come up with a set of solutions that can help bring that access to more families and businesses.

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INTERNET 101 SERIES: Bandwidth Basics - What Are Mbps and How Many Do I Need?
By Connected Nation

It's #techweek in America, and Connected Nation is kicking it off by bringing you back to the basics by helping all of us understand what exactly bandwidth is all about and what your speed means. 

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