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Edified is Connected Nation’s new education initiative that seeks to increase the deployment of the latest mobile technology, robust wireless connectivity, education apps, and twenty-first century teaching practice in America’s K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. Edified builds partnerships with technology companies, education research organizations, broadband providers, and distinguished educators who desire to work collaboratively to promote technology solutions that have great potential to revolutionize learning and education outcomes.  We invite you to join us!


Why Education?  Why Now?

Connected Nation believes that a key aspect of closing the digital divide is to ensure that our children have adequate access to the latest technology in schools, regardless of school type or demographic makeup. The innovations of the last five years, especially the emergence of tablet devices coupled with interactive apps and challenging content, are showing incredible promise in helping kids become more engaged and learn in ways never before possible. And the advent of 4G LTE high-speed mobile connectivity is, for the first time, enabling true “anytime, anywhere” learning – so that learning no longer has to stop at the classroom door. But while technology itself is truly game-changing, it’s becoming clear that technology alone—apart from a robust teacher training and professional development program that focuses on the pedagogy of teaching with mobile devices—is a risky venture at best.

Connected Nation’s conversations with school districts across the country have revealed a significant need for a trusted resource to help them navigate the complex technological, as well as pedagogical, issues surrounding 1:1 device deployment. At the same time, technology companies are looking for experienced partners to test new products and service offerings in real-world classroom environments.  Connected Nation possesses both the technical expertise and a strong history of working with schools, technology companies, broadband service providers, and policymakers to deliver results.   



Edified’s Core Services

  • 1:1 Program Logistics & Planning 

  • Professional Development & Training Event Facilitation

  • School IT Infrastructure Technical Assessments 

  • Product Trials & Pilots for Emerging Technologies 

  • Survey Research and Analysis

  • Policy Advocacy


Current Partners/Projects 


Edified will serve as the home for Connected Nation’s newest partnership with fellow non-profit GameDesk, a Los Angeles-based research, game development, and outreach organization that has evolved out of seven years of research at the University of Southern California.  Recently named by Fast Company magazine as one of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education, GameDesk’s focus is to help close the achievement gap and to engage students, particularly those who are low-proficient, in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning. Their mission is to rethink education and make serious learning fun—through playing, making, and the integration of twenty-first century technology tools in the classroom. Edified and GameDesk are already aggressively working to build a national project that will help bring their innovative approach to STEM education to schools across the country.

Edified Center for Connected Campuses (EC3) at Centre College

Edified will also advance Connected Nation’s partnership with Centre College, a top ranked liberal arts college located in Danville, Kentucky, and host of the 2000 and 2012 Vice Presidential debates, to launch the Edified Center for Connected Campuses (EC3). EC3 will serve as a laboratory for exploring innovative and practical ways to use technology in the liberal arts college setting. EC3 will explore innovations in classroom technology, tablet integration, lighting, furniture design, high-definition video conferencing, audio integration, device management, and a myriad of software/apps—all while keeping in mind the importance of ease of use. EC3 will also explore how the rise of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) may impact liberal arts colleges where personalized learning and close student-faculty relationships remain an integral part of the educational experience.

AT&T Mobile Learning Ecosystem Trial

Connected Nation recently administered a product trial for AT&T, in collaboration with Samsung, Kno, and Edmodo, to test a new mobile learning platform inside two partner schools in northern California. As part of the trial, Connected Nation undertook a robust survey research project to gather feedback from teachers, students, and parents who participated in the trial. AT&T and the other trial partners will use the collected feedback to improve their products as well as develop new features and services. For more information, visit


Press Releases

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Want to learn more about Edified? Contact Brent Legg, Connected Nation’s VP for Education Programs, at or by phone at (202) 340-6446. Download a fact sheet.