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FCC Rural Broadband Experiment Eligible Areas

The FCC has invited providers, communities, and others to apply for funding to build broadband networks in certain rural areas that do not have adequate fixed broadband service today. On July 25, 2014, the FCC released a list of areas that are eligible for this program along with the annual subsidy that might be available to fund robust and scalable networks in those areas.

This page provides information on these eligible areas, including the amount of annual subsidy potentially available, on both a census block and per unserved location basis. More granular, county and community-based mapping analysis for interested communities and providers is available on request. Contact us at

The FCC is making $100 million available and will distribute those funds through annual subsidies over the next ten years. The FCC will award those subsidies using a “reverse auction” competitive bidding mechanism. Interested applicants have until October 14, 2014 to apply to the FCC to any of these areas in exchange for what level of annual subsidy. The FCC will award winners that request the lowest subsidy per unserved location, divided among three buckets based on quality of broadband service to be provided. For more information on the FCC Rural Broadband Experiment Program, including links to FCC decisions, and more information on how to apply, see Connected Nation's Policy Briefs.

Alaska Ohio

Puerto Rico

Michigan South Carolina
Minnesota Tennessee
Nevada Texas

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