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Connected Nation believes that states, communities, families and individuals can realize great economic and social advantages when we accelerate broadband availability in underserved areas and increase broadband use in all areas, rural and urban, alike.


How has Connected Nation contributed to the National Broadband Map?
What does beta or draft version mean?
What states has Connected Nation mapped?
What is the National Broadband Map?
Why are Connected Nation's state maps different from the National Broadband Map?
Who does Connected Nation work with to produce the maps?
Do large telecom providers have control over the data represented on a state broadband map?
Is provider participation mandatory?
How are the broadband data collected?
What types of data are required for the broadband mapping project?
What do providers generally offer in terms of data?
How are the broadband data processed?
How are fixed wireless broadband service areas processed?
Why are uninhabited or unpopulated areas shown to have broadband service?
What types of broadband are depicted on the maps, and how granular are they?
What type of information is kept confidential and why?
Are the maps accurate and verifiable?
What if I see an inaccuracy in the map?
How is the household availability percentage calculated?