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Public safety institutions — such as fire stations, police stations, hospitals — provide invaluable help to the communities they serve. And, broadband helps these men and women do their jobs even better.

Connected Nation has helped highlight the importance of broadband in public safety through research, stories, and collecting data about these community anchor institutions.  This work is part of our public awareness campaign on the importance of public safety and broadband

Learn more about our work in the public safety arena below.

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February 2013


February 2013 was Public Safety Month. Connected Nation and its state partners focused on how high-speed Internet can benefit public safety institutions including police departments, hospitals, and fire departments.

In an effort to draw attention to the importance to these groups, Connected Nation featured some of their stories during the month of February. See those special reports and stories below. 




We need your help. 

We are collecting broadband adoption information about community anchor institutions including K-12 schools, universities, libraries, hospitals/emergency medical facilities, and public safety facilities across the state.

Visit our state websites to take the survey.


Community of Communities: A Connected Public Safety Webinar

Public Safety and Broadband Maps

Number of presidential disaster declarations by county from 1964-2011

Breakdown of the ten FEMA regions and the corresponding regional offices

Breakdown of forecast zones for fire-related weather

Breakdown of National Weather Service jurisdictions for county warning areas



In 2012, Congress created FirstNet through the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act with the mandate to create a nationwide interoperable wireless broadband network that will enable police, firefighters, emergency medical service professionals, and other public safety officials to more effectively communicate and do their jobs.

Since, Connected Nation has written several policy briefs on the program. You can view those documents below.




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Public Safety Apps – Revolutionary Tools for First Responders, Mobile Resources for You (2/21/13)

St. Clair County Uses Broadband-Enabled App to Secure Borders (2/22/13)

Mobile Data Access & Adoption among South Carolina’s Firefighters (2/22/13)

Location, Location, Location: Enhancing Public Safety with GIS (2/25/13)

Iowa Emergency Workers Demonstrate New Safety Technology (2/25/13)

Connect Minnesota’s First Take on FirstNet (2/26/13)

There's an App for that: ReadyTN (2/26/13)

Immersive Video Intelligence Network (IVIN) (2/27/13)

FirstNet Ready to Boost Texas Public Safety (2/28/13)

Watch: Broadband & Public Safety - How Anchorage Fire Department Uses Tech to Save Lives (2/28/13)

Public Safety Veterans Spotlight Technology’s Impact (2/28/13)