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Don, Youngstown, OH says:

"Broadband has changed my life in the following ways and more.  Being able to buy and have delivered large items at lesser cost than buying locally (I don't have a vehicle). Getting a different twist on ingredients for food recipes, being able to obtain basic health information when I need to get a better understanding of illnesses or conditions I suffer from, viewing movies online through services like Netflix, Video chatting with family and new friends using Yahoo Chat or Skype.  Making free phone calls via Google Voice, Sending email, photos, and text messages, Instant messaging, Checking news, Weather, Music and Video online entertainment, Obtaining coupons for shopping, Buying clothes, Banking, being able to see international news, a means to connect to people in my neighborhood - city- state-country- and internationally."

Diane, West Columbia, South Carolina says:

"I am 66, and I really am proud to have this opportunity to say to especially my older fellow South Carolinians, (but also to the younger ones ) do not ever pass up an opportunity to learn how to use a computer, it changed my life. I am so grateful that my older friends wouldn’t  give up on pushing me into it!"

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